Text Messages to Keep Up with your Favorite MLB Team

Are you signed up for the Major League Baseball text messages?  If not, its a great way to keep in touch with your favorite team.  You can get scores and news no matter where you are, right on your cell phone.

There’s another great way to get text message alerts from your team and this one is actually just as good if not better than what you can get from MLB.  The Houston Chronicle text message alert system is the best way to get score alerts.  Mine actually arrive a few seconds earlier on it than from MLB’s service.

More and more teams are also using mobile marketing for their teams.  This includes last minute ticket sales and general team information by text messages.  Some teams are also doing text message advertising.  We know young adults and teens don’t care for email much so text message alerts are definitely the way to go to reach this group.



Don’t for get the great app for I phone users MLB At Bat, even now it gives daily updates, video clips, ect of what happened during the winter meetings!


How about Hottest looking ball players???? I don’t see where wives should even be a topic. You don’t see much of them unless its the ball players that only go out with models etc which is usually left up to the rock stars.


Sheena, thanks for the comment about Baseball’s Hottest Looking Guys. We do have this posted on the site as well and the results are from comments obtained from Twitter’s female baseball fans.

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